About Us

Gully Burns (Project Leader): Gully came to ISI in 2006 and was given 2 years of unrestricted funding to obtain funding to cover himself and a programmer. Since then he has been the Principal Investigator of two RO1 projects and a grant jointly awarded from the Advanced Biological Infrastructure (ABI) and Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) from within NSF. We are currently funded by the Michael J Fox and Kinetics Foundations on a year-to-year basis on the Crux project. At present, we are in an expansion phase. As a group, we need to move from establishing each project to generating short term results to demonstrate productivity and preparing preparations for our second phase of funding.

Eduard H. Hovy (Director): Ed is the head of the Natural Language Group at ISI and provides essential expertise in Computer Science to all of our activities. As a world-leading expert in Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation, Ed drives our CS research agenda in Machine Reading.

Cartic Ramakrishnan (Postdoc.): Cartic joined the group in January 2010 and has pushed forward our work in text mining enormously in that short time. Cartic is the lead on the SciKnowMine project. He is an expert in the interplay between the CS fields of Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing. His primary research interests are based on applying 'Machine Reading' approaches to biomedical text and the use of graph-based approaches to biomedical reasoning.

Thomas Russ (Scientist): Tom is a senior researcher in the field of ontologies and knowledge representation and reasoning, and until recently has been a member of Hans Chalupsky's Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group. We are in the process of transitioning him to the BMKEG in the field of developing KRR and semantic web technology.

Marcelo Tallis (Scientist): Marcelo is another long-standing ISI scientist, specializing in Knowledge Acquisition work (having obtained his Ph.D. at ISI under Yolanda Gil). Marcelo has worked in industry and brings to the group a very strong commitment to well-engineered software. Using the NeuARt project as a base, Marcelo is developing a research program in Biomedical Knowledge Acquisition and Use Cases within well-defined subject domains.

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